York Heat Pump Troubleshooting

The tables below contain the lists of possible breakdowns which may happen with York heat pumps of different modifications. In case of York heat pump not working you should address these checklists.

There are types of faults and problems with detailed descriptions, possible causes and solutions which may be recommended in the certain situations. If you feel the temperature in your house is getting higher, it may be because of heat pump fan not spinning, and therefore, heat pump not cooling. The information given below can be helpful for you then.

York ENJC 09 Heat Pump Troubleshooting

The unit is totally inoperative.- No power supply.
- Main switch is off.
- Power supply voltage is insufficient.
- Control system failure.
The unit goes off after start-up.- Condensing unit air intake our outlet obstructed.
- Irregular operation of control circuit.
- Outdoor temperature is above 43° C in cooling mode.
Does not cool sufficiently.- Dirty air filter.
- Too many heat sources in the room.
- Doors or windows open.
- Air intake or outlet obstructed.
- Temperature selected is too high.
- Refrigerant leak.
- Problems with the temperature sensor.
Does not heat sufficiently.- Dirty air filter.
- Doors or windows open.
- Air intake or outlet obstructed.
- Temperature selected is too high.
- Refrigerant leak.
- Outdoor temperature is below -5° C.
- Irregular operation of control circuit.
Indoor fan inoperative in heat mode.- Pipe sensor in wrong position.
- Pipe sensor is cut off.
- Pipe sensor cable cut.
- Current leak in electric condenser.

York 14 SEER Series Heat Pump Troubleshooting

A. United does not operate. Stand-by indicator does not light up.1. Unit not connected to power1. Plug in the power cord.
2. Power failure.2. Check main fuse.
B. Unit does not operate. Stand-by indicator lights.1. Remote control malfunctions.1. Check remote control batteries.
2. The remote control is locked.2. Try to operate from a closer distance.
3. Start form on-units controls.
4. Perform reset operation by pressing button: TIMER UP buttons, TIMER DOWN buttons, TIMER SET buttons, TIMER CEAR buttons for 5 sec.
1. Unlock the remote control.
C. Unit does not respond property to remote control command.1. Infra Red signal does not reach unit.1. Check for obstruction between unit remote control. Clear if need.
2. Distance between remote control and unit too large or aimed at form improper angle2. Get closer to unit.
3. Infra Red receiver on-unit exposed to strong light source.3. Dim lights, fluorescents especially.
D. Air does not blow out from indoor unit.1. De-icing protection mode is activated.1. Normal operating in HEATING mode.
2. Unit in AUTO FAN mode.2. Normal operating in DRY mode.
3. Over cooling in DRY
E. COOLING, DRY of HEATING does not start immediately.1. 3-min. compressor delayed start.1. Normal operating for these modes.
F Unit functions but does not perform sufficiently.1. Improper temperature seating1. Reset temperature.
2. Unit capacity insufficient for load or room size2. Consult your dealer.
G. Filter indicator light up.1. Air filter needs cleaning.1. Clean filter, reinstall and reset indicator.

York CHAMPION B1HH024 Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Blower Runs all of the time1. No heat units do not have 6-pin connector installed.
2. Limit open or not connected.
3. Variable speed break-out tab broken out.
4. Blower OFF delay (approx. 1 min).
5. Thermostat fan switch in “ON" position.
Blown Fuse1. Low voltage short
No 24V1. 4-pin connector loose.
2. Loose wire from control to transformer (24V and 230V).
3. Blown fuse on control board.
No 2nd stage heat1. Check 6-pin connector and connections to panel mount relays.
2. Verify that both Wi & W2 are connected at the terminal strip.
No Heat or Limited Heating1. Check filter.
2. Closed registers.
3. Restricted airflow (supply registers or return registers)
4. Check blower motor operation.
5. If the safety limit opens 4 times, the control will not permit the heating element to operate for 1 hour.

York AFFINITY BHZ Series Heat Pump Troubleshooting

No Heat or Cooling1. Thermostat for proper settings.Set thermostat to proper setting.
2. Circuit breakers and fuses.Reset circuit breakers - Replace blown fuses.
3. Check outdoor unit for dirty coil (Cooling).Clean coil
4. Outdoor unit for snow accumulation. (Heating).Remove loose snow only.
5. Indoor unit for dirty filter (Heating).Clean or replace
6. Emergency heat light status on thermostat.Check 1 - 5, call qualified service person.
Light on = Malfunction
Light flashing = Malfunction
Wet on Floor or in FurnaceCondensate drain and “P” trapRemove blockage, usually mold or fungus.

York FC60D Heat Pump Troubleshooting

NO HEATCheck thermostat for proper setting Check circuit breaker and fuses. Check filters.
Call qualified service man.
NOT ENOUGH HEAT - OUTDOOR UNIT NOT RUNNINGCheck thermostat for proper setting.
Check circuit breaker and fuses.
Switch thermostat to Emergency Heat position. Call qualified service man.
NO COOLINGCheck thermostat for proper setting. Check circuit breaker and fuses. Check filters.
Call qualified service man.
ELECTRICAL POWER INTERRUPTION (ice, snow, or wind storms)Procedure Heating Season: 1. Switch thermostat to Emergency Heat.*
2. Leave Emergency Heat on for at least 12 hours after electrical power is re-established.
3. Switch thermostat back to Heating or Auto.
Procedure Cooling Season: 1. Switch thermostat to Off position.
2. Do not switch to Cooling or Auto until electrical power has been re-established for 4 hours.