Ducane Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Here you can find the lists of possible errors which may happen to your Ducane heat pump. There are the lists describing the cause of Ducane SH13 or 2HP13 heat pump not working properly.

The tables below describe the error codes which give you the information about the reason, for instance, of heat pump not cooling or heat pump fan not spinning. The descriptions are detailed, you can see the keys for flashes with different rate and colors, and the corresponding faults.

If you find what is the matter with your heat pump, do not try to repair it on your own. Call the specialist and tell about the situation.

Ducane SH13 Series Heat Pump Troubleshooting

LED StatusFlashing RateFault Description
Slow FlashOne flash per secondNormal operation: No call for heat
Fast FlashTwo flashes per secondNormal operation: Call for heat
2 FlashTwo flashes in second with 1-second pauseSystem lockout: Failed to detect or sustain flame
3 FlashThree flashes in 1.5 seconds with 1-second pausePressure switch senses incorrect pressure or gas valve coil is open.
4 FlashFour flashes in 2 seconds with 1-second pauseHigh limit or rollout switch open
5 FlashFive flashes in 2.5 seconds with 1-second pauseFlame sensed and gas valve not energized
Steady--Internal failure: Micro-controller failure; self-check

Ducane 2HP13 Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Red LED (DS1)Green LED (DS2)Mode
OffOffNo Power to Board
Simultaneous Slow FlashSimultaneous Slow FlashNormal Operation/ Power to Board
Alternating Slow FlashAlternating Slow FlashAnti-Short Cycle Lockout
Slow FlashOffLow Pressure Switch Fault
OnOffLow Pressure Switch Lockout
OffSlow FlashHigh Pressure Switch Fault
OffOnHigh Pressure Switch Lockout