Lg Air Conditioner Fault Codes

There are the lists of possible LG air conditioner problems. Here you can find the error codes, their meaning, LED lights explanations and possible solutions of the breakdowns you may experience with your air conditioner.

For each of the LG models the lists of error codes are formed separately because they can mean completely different issues. After finding the problem like data communication fault or heat pump fan not spinning, you can make a decision on the way to fix the situation. In any case, if you find out that your item needs serious repair, do not do it by yourself if you do not have a necessary qualification level.

Lg A-12AH Series Air Conditioner Fault Codes

CHOI or ClNone1 FlashIndoor Air Sensor (Open/Short)Open or Short Circuit
CH02 or C22 FlashInlet Pipe Sensor
CH03 or C33 FlashCommunication (Indoor Wired R/Control)Data Communication Fault
CH04 or C44 FlashDrain Pump / Float SwitchFloat Switch Open Circuit (High Level Water Alarm)
CH05 or C55 FlashCommunication Error (Indoor Outdoor)Data Communication Fault
CH06 or C66 FlashOutlet Pipe SensorOpen or Short Circuit
CH07 or C77 FlashDifferent Operation ModeIndoor Unit is Set in Different Cool/Heat Operation Mode
CH09 or C99 FlashEEPROM Check SumCheck Sum Mis-matching
CHlOor CA1 FlashNoneBLDC Fan Motor LockFan Motor not Operating
HLHigh Limit (Float Switch) or Hard LockSame as CH 04 (Float Switch Open Circuit) or Unit under Central Control

Lg ARNU283BGA2 Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Error codeContentsLED01G (Red)LED02G (Green)Case of ErrorOutdoor Status
21IPM Fault (Compressor Over current)2 times1 timeCompressor malfunction. IPM FaultOff
22CT 2 (Max. Current)2 timesCurrent is 14A t
23DC Link Low Volt.3 timesDC Link volt. Is 140V i
24Low / High Pressure4 timesLow / High press switch OPEN
25AC Low / AC High Volts.5 timesAbnormal AC volt. Input.
26DC Compressor Position6 times
27PSC Fault (Reactor)7 times
28DC Link High Volts8 timesOff
29COMP Over Current9 timesInverter Compressor input current is over 30A
32Discharge Pipe Temp. High (INV)3 times2 timesD-Pipe Temp (Inv.) >105°C
33Discharge Pipe Temp. High (Cons.)3 timesD-Pipe Temp (Const) >105°C
39Communication Error9 timesCommunication Error Between PFC and INV PCB s
40CT Circuit4 timesCT Circuit malfunction
41DPipe sensor INV. (Open/Short)1 timeOpen / Short circuit.
44Air sensor (Open/Short)4 times
45Cond. Pipe Sensor (Open/Short)5 times
46Suction Pipe Sensor (Open'Short)6 times
47D-pipe Sensor Cons. (Open/Short)7 times
48DPipe & Air Sensor (Open)8 timesDual Sensor unplugged
51Over Capacity5 times1 timesOver Load Combination
52Communication Error2 timesPoor/Loss of Communication
53Communication Error (Indoor *-* Outdoor)3 times
54Outdoor 3-Phase Power Supply Reverse Phase / Missinq Phase4 timesIncorrect Wiring
60EEPROM Check Sum6 timesCheck Sum Mis-Match
61Cond. Pipe Sensor Temp. High1 timeCond. Temp. High
62Heat Sink Sensor Temp. High2 timesHeat Sink Temp. High
63Cond. Pipe Sensor Temp. Low3 timesCond. Temp. Low
65Heat Sink Sensor (Open/Short)5 timesOpen / Short circuit
67Outdoor BLDC Fan Lock7 timesFan Motor/Circuit Problem
73PFC Fault Error (S/W)7 times3 timesInverter PCB input current is over 48A (Peak) for 2ms
105Comms. Error (Main board Fan board)6 times5 timesPoor/Loss of Communication

Lg Art Cool Gallery Series Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Error codeContentsCase of errorIndoor Status
1Air sensor (open/short)Open / Short circuitOff
2Inlet pipe sensor
3Communication(lndoor«-»Wired R/Control)Communication Poorly
4Drain pump / Float switchFloat switch Open circuit (High level water alarm)
5Communication(Indoor «-* Outdoor)Communication Poorly
6Outlet pipe sensorOpen / Short circuit
7Different operation modeIndoor units set in different operation modes
9Checksum ErrorDefective PCB or EEPROM Connections
10BLDC Motor Fan Lock (Indoor)Fan Motor or PCB Defective
HLHard Lock (Controlled by External Source)Controlled by Dry Contact or Central Controller
CLChild Lock Function selectedNot an error, press Timer & Min buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds to toggle On/OffOn
PoJet Cool Mode selectedNot an error, press Jet Cool button to toggle On/Off

Lg Air LP1200DXR Conditioner Fault Codes

Error CodeFlashing LightsFaultDisplay IndoorOutdoorIndoor operation
C1 or CH11Indoor temperature sensor open or closed circuit0ON
C2 or CH2200
C4 Or CH44Heat sink temperature sensor open or closed circuit00
C5 or CH55Communication between indoor and outdoor units00OFF
C6 or CH66Excessive current at inverter DC power circuit (can be indoor pipe outlet sensor, or outdoor condenser sensor on some models)00SHUT DOWN
C7 or CH77Excessive compressor current00
C8 or CH88Indoor fan not rotating0OFF
C9 or CH99Outdoor fan not rotating00
CA101. Discharge temp more than 130 °c00ON
2. Faulty discharge thermistor
CC2+ 1EEPROM error0ON
CD3+ 1Inverter module error0
PoSystem in Power Mode - not a fault0
LoSystem in test mode - not a fault0

Lg Air LW1813ER Conditioner Fault Codes

Er 01- short-circuited air temperature sensor or open circuit;
Er 02- the evaporator temperature sensor is short-circuited or an open in the circuit;
Er 03- bad connection between the control panel and the wired indoor unit;
Er 04- error of float level sensor of condensate or pump (drain pump);
Er 05- an error of connection of external with the internal block;
Er 06- short-circuit of outdoor unit temperature sensor or open circuit;
Er 07- inclusion of internal blocks of the multisystem for different operating modes;
HL- error similar to 04, the float sensor is open;
CL- child lock is set, press Timer & Min Buttons for 3 seconds;
Po- jet cool mode is set, for exiting press jet cool button

Lg multi V PLUS Air Conditioner Fault Codes

P1 or H8- Water reservoir is full. Unplug unit. Drain tank according to instructions found in user manual. Plug unit back in and power on.
E1 or F1- Ambient room temperature error.
E2 or F2- Evaporator sensor error.
E4- Display panel communication error.
F4- Outdoor temperature sensor error.
F0- Refrigerant sensor error.
E5- Overcurrent protection error. For all above errors, power unit off for 30 minutes and then restart.
H3- Compressor overload protection error.
E8- Overload malfunction error.