Rv Air Conditioner Fault Codes

When thinking of getting the RV air conditioners, you shouldn’t have any doubts. It’s a high-quality stuff which won’t let you down. Minor faults can become a reality which shouldn’t make you upset. It’s okay, because in most cases you can repair it yourself. You aren’t going to be alone on your way: the best thing to use is the guide given here. It contains detailed info on what to do in each case.

Rv 700 Series Air Conditioner Fault Codes

E0Outdoor Activation of outdoor safety device
E1Outdoor PCB defect
E3Outdoor Activation of high pressure switch
E4Outdoor Activation of low pressure switch
E5Outdoor Activation of compressor over heat protection
E5Outdoor Compressor motor lock
E6Outdoor Compressor start up error
E6Outdoor Standard compressor lock overcurrent
E7Outdoor Fan motor lock – Overload
E8Outdoor Inverter input overcurrent
E9Outdoor Malfunction of EEV
EAOutdoor Four way valve defective
F3Outdoor Abnormal discharge pipe temperature
F6Outdoor Refrigerant overcharged
FCOutdoor Low pressure drop

Rv 6000 Series Air Conditioner Fault Codes

ErDip Switch position incorrectSet Dip swithces to correct position on back of Thermostat
ElRoom Temp Sensor DefectReplace Thermostat
E2Indoor Coil Temp Sensor DefectCheck wire connections and ensure sensor is properly installed. Replace Sensor
E3Outdoor Coil Temp Sensor Defect
E4Outdoor Ambient Temp Sensor Defect
E5Communication Defect with T-Stat and Relay KitCheck wire connections at T-Stat and relay kit
LoDC voltage is below 10 Volts (+/-0.5V)Check wire connections and ensure DC voltage is above 10 volts
dFIndoor or Outdoor coil is frozenSystem is deicing and cannot be used for 35 minutes and will restart automatically

Rv 6571C662 Air Conditioner Fault Codes

E1- Loss of comm signal between CCC2 thermostat & system power module board
E2- Open circuit or out of range indoor temp sensor - Fan only will work
E3- Shorted indoor temp sensor - Fan only will operate
E4- Open circuit or out of range outdoor temp sensor
E5- Open circuit or out of range freeze sensor
E6- Open circuit humidity sensor
E7- Loss of 120v power
E8- Invalid zone config. Dip switches set incorrectly
E9- Invalid zone config. Check dip switches 

Rv 6700 Series Air Conditioner Fault Codes

AOIndoor Error of external protection device
A1Indoor PCB defect
A3Indoor Malfunction of drain Level control system
A5Indoor Freeze-up prevention
A6Indoor Fan motor lock – overload
A7Indoor Malfunction of swing motor flap
A9Indoor Malfunction of EEV
AFIndoor Drain level above limit – clogged
AJIndoor Malfunction of capacity set device
C3Indoor Malfunction of drain thermistor
C4Indoor Malfunction of liquid pipe thermistor
C5Indoor Malfunction of gas pipe thermistor
C7Indoor Lower louvre limit switch – motor
C9Indoor Malfunction of air thermistor
CCIndoor Malfunction of moisture sensor
CAIndoor Malfunction of discharge air thermistor
CJIndoor Malfunction of remote control thermistor
CEIndoor Malfunction of radiant heat sensor

Rv 8000 Series Air Conditioner Fault Codes

H3Outdoor High pressure switch defect
H4Outdoor Low pressure switch defect
H6Outdoor Compressor motor position detection sensor error
H7Outdoor Fan motor position detection sensor error
H8Outdoor Current transformer error
H9Outdoor Malfunction of air thermistor
J1Outdoor Faulty/Fault of pressure sensor
J2Outdoor Current sensor Faulty/Fault
J3Outdoor Faulty/Fault of discharge pipe thermistor
J4Outdoor Low pressure saturation thermistor
J5Outdoor Faulty/Fault of suction pipe thermistor
J6Outdoor Faulty/Fault of heat exchanger thermistor
J7Outdoor Faulty/Fault of heat exchanger liquid thermistor
J8Outdoor Faulty/Fault of liquid pipe thermistor
J9Outdoor Faulty/Fault of gas pipe thermistor
JAOutdoor Faulty/Fault of discharge pipe pressure sensor
JCOutdoor Faulty/Fault of suction pipe pressure sensor
JHOutdoor Faulty/Fault of oil temperature sensor
L0Outdoor Malfunction of inverter
L3Outdoor Electronic component box overheat
L4Outdoor Inverter cooling defect
L5Outdoor Comp motor ground fault Short circuit
L6Outdoor Compressor motor grounding short circuit
L7Outdoor Total input overcurrent
L8Outdoor Comp overload – Motor disconnected
L9Outdoor Compressor lock
LAOutdoor Power unit malfunction
LCOutdoor Transmission between inverter and outdoor

Rv 9000 Series Air Conditioner Fault Codes

P1Intake sensor error
P2, P9Pipe (Liquid or 2-phase pipe) sensor error
E6, E7Indoor/outdoor unit communication error
P4Drain sensor error
P5Drain pump error
PAForced compressor error
P6Freezing/Overheating safeguard operation
EECommunication error between indoor and outdoor units
P8Pipe temperature error
E4Remote controller signal receiving error
FbIndoor unit control system error (memory error, etc.)
EO, E3Remote controller transmission error
E1, E2Remote controller control board error
E9Indoor/outdoor unit communication error (Transmitting error) (Outdoor unit)
UPCompressor overcurrent interruption
U3, U4Open/short of outdoor unit thermistors
UFCompressor overcurrent interruption (When compressor locked)
U2Abnormal high discharging temperature/49C worked/insufficient refrigerant
U1, UdAbnormal high pressure (63H worked)/Overheating safeguard operation
U5Abnormal temperature of heat sink
U8Outdoor unit fan safeguard stop
U6Compressor overcurrent interruption/Abnormal of power module
U7Abnormality of super heat due to low discharge temperature
U9, UHAbnormality such as overvoltage or voltage shortage and abnormal synchronous signal to main circuit/ Current sensor error