Hitachi Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Here you can find the tables which give you all the necessary information on possible Hitachi air conditioner faults. You can look up the Hitachi heat pump fault codes with their detailed name and causes and find the way to fix the situation.

There are different Hitachi modifications presented – FS3 Series, P-N23NA, and others. Each item has its separate error codes list as they vary from one modification to another. The codes may point you at certain conditioner parts problem like heat pump or thermistor. You can solve the problem by yourself or call a specialist, describe the situation and ask for certain help.

Hitachi FS3 Series Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Error CodeNameCause(s)
E01Over-current event while at constant speedThe inverter output was short-circuited, or the motor shaft is locked or has a heavy load. These conditions cause excessive current for the inverter, so the inverter output is turned OFF.
E02Over-current event during deceleration
E04Over-current event during other conditions
E05Overload protection When a motor overload is detected by the electronic thermal function, the inverter trips and turns OFF its output.
E07Over voltage protectionWhen the DC bus voltage exceeds a threshold, due to regenerative energy from the motor.
E08Memory error When the built-in memory has problems due to noise or excessive temperature, the inverter trips and turns OFF its output to the motor.
E09Under-voltage errorA decrease of internal DC bus voltage below a threshold results in a control circuit fault. This condition can also generate excessive motor heat or cause low torque. The inverter trips and turns OFF its output.
E10Current detection errorIf an error occurs in the internal current detection system, the inverter will shut off its output and display the error code.
E11 E22CPU errorA malfunction in the built-in CPU has occurred, so the inverter trips and turns OFF its output to the motor.
E12External tripA signal on an intelligent input terminal configured as EXT has occurred. The inverter trips and turns OFF the output to the motor.
E13USP When the Unattended Start Protection (USP) is enabled, an error occurred when power is applied while a Run signal is present. The inverter trips and does not go into Run Mode until the error is cleared.
E14Ground fault The inverter is protected by the detection of ground faults between the inverter output and the motor during power up tests. This feature protects the inverter, and does not protect humans.
E15Input over-voltageWhen the input voltage is higher than the specified value, it is detected 100 seconds after power up and the inverter trips and turns OFF its output.
E19Inverter thermal detection system errorWhen the cooling fin thermal sensor in the inverter detect disconnection etc, inverter trips.
E21Inverter thermal tripWhen the inverter internal temperature is above the threshold, the thermal sensor in the inverter module detects the excessive temperature of the power devices and trips, turning the inverter output OFF.
E26Control circuit errorWhen abnormality occurred on a control circuit board, I make a error code
E30Driver errorAn internal inverter error has occurred at the safety protection circuit between the CPU and main driver unit. Excessive electrical noise may be the cause. The inverter has turned OFF the IGBT module output.
E34Output phase loss protectionOutput Phase Loss Logic Detection (There are undetectable terms of use.)
E38Low-speed overload protectionIf overload occurs during the motor operation at a very low speed, the inverter will detect the overload and shut off the inverter output.
E40Operator connection failureWhen the connection between inverter and operator keypad failed, inverter trips and displays the error code.
E41Communications errorThe inverter's watchdog timer for the communications network has timed out.

Hitachi P-N23NA Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Code No.CategoryContent of AbnormalityLeading Cause
1Indoor UnitTripping of Protection DeviceHigh Water Level in Drain Pan, Activated Float Switch.
2Outdoor UnitTripping of Protection Device (Except Alarm Code 41 and 42)Activated High Pressure Switch. Locked Motor in Cooling Operation.
3TransmissionAbnormality between Indoor and OutdoorIncorrect Wiring. Loose Terminals. Disconnected wire. Tripping of Fuse.
4Abnormality between Inverter and Control PCBFailure in Transmission of PCB for Inverter.
6Voltage DropVoltage Drop by Excessively Low or High Voltage to Outdoor UnitVoltage Drop of Power Supply Insufficient Capacity of Power Supply Wiring.
7CycleDecrease of Discharge Gas SuperheatDischarge Gas SUPERHEAT less than 10 deg. is maintained for one hour.
8Increase of Discharge Gas TemperatureTemperature of the top of Compressor: Td Td £.127°C(Cooling), Td £.120°C(Heating) over 10 minutes, or Td ^,140°C over 5 seconds.
11Sensor on Indoor UnitInlet Air ThermistorFailure of Thermistor. Loose Terminal. Disconnected Wire.
12Outlet Air Thermistor
13Freeze Protection Thermistor
14Gas Piping Thermistor
19Tripping of Protection DeviceActivated Internal Thermo of Fan Motor.
20Sensor on Outdoor UnitCompressor ThermistorFailure of Thermistor. Loose Terminal. Disconnected Wire.
22Outdoor Air ThermistorLocked Motor in Heating Operation.
24Evaporating Thermistor
31SystemIncorrect Capacity of Outdoor and Indoor UnitIncorrect Setting of Capacity Combination or Incorrect O.U. Capacity Setting.
35Incorrect Indoor Unit No. SettingDuplication of Indoor Unit No.
36Incorrect Combination of Indoor UnitFSG2E series connects to HVRG series outdoor unit (European Area Only).
HRG series of the indoor unit is connected to FSG(1) and FXG(1) series outdoor units (European Area Only).
38Abnormality of Protective Circuit in outdoor UnitFailure of Protection detecting Circuit
41PressureOverload coolingO.U. Pipe Thermistor Temp, is Higher than 55°C and the Comp. Top Temp, is Higher than 95°C when O.U. Protection Device is activated.
(Possibility of high pressure device activation.)
42Overload heatingI.U. Freeze Protection Thermistor Temp, is Higher than 55°C and the Comp. Top Temp, is Higher than 95°C when O.U. Protection Device is activated.
(Possibility of high pressure device activation.)
47Activation of Low Pressure Decrease Protection DeviceStoppage by Excessively Decrease of evaporating Temperature ( Te £-35°C) is activated 3 times in one hour. Locked Motor in Heating Operation.
51InverterAbnormality of Current Sensor for InverterFailure of Control PCB. ISPM
52Activating Overcurrent ProtectionFailure of ISPM. Clogging of Heat Exchanger.
53Activating Protection of ISPMISPM Abnormality
Failure of Compressor, clogging of Heat Exchanger.
54Inverter Fin Temperature IncreaseAbnormal Inverter Fin Thermistor. Clogging of Heat Exchanger Abnormal Outdoor Fan
57Outdoor FanFan Motor AbnormalityDisconnected wire or Incorrect wiring between Control PCB and Inverter PCB.
Incorrect Wiring or Fan Motor Abnormality
EECompressorCompressor Protection AlarmFailure of Compressor.

Hitachi RAC-07G4 Air Conditioner Fault Codes

LED 301 flashesRange: Summit/Mono/Multizone outdoor unit
1Normal, unit powered up
2Over current on the compressor
Faulty PCB or locked compressor
2Over current on the compressor
System power module or PCB failure
3Compressor rotation speed is low, abnormal compressor rotor position
Faulty system power module, faulty compressor or PCB
4Switching failure on the compressor
Faulty system power module, faulty compressor or PCB
5Compressor rotation low with over current detected
High pressure detected, faulty fan motor/circuit or abnormally low voltage
6Discharge thermistor temperature rising
Short of refrigerant charge, faulty thermistor, faulty compressor faulty fan motor/circuit or main PCB
7Faulty thermistor (Summit and Monozone only)
8Compressor not accelerating above minimum rotation speed
Short of refrigerant charge or faulty compressor
9Communication error
C/D terminals not connected, faulty interconnecting cable PCB failure (Summit and Monozone only)
10Abnormal voltage
Mains voltage incorrect or faulty reactor
12Fan motor rotation is abnormal
Faulty fan motor or PCB (check fuse)
13Eprom error
Main PCB failure
14Over voltage is detected by system power module
Faulty SPM

Hitachi RAS-3HVRNME-AF Air Conditioner Fault Codes

LED 301 flashesRange: Summit/Mono/Multizone indoor unit
1Indoor coil is too warm in cooling mode or too cold in heating mode.
Reversing valve or coil thermistor is faulty
2Forced operation from the outdoor unit.
This is not an error
3Communication error.
Faulty wiring, indoor or outdoor PCB faulty
4Outdoor unit fault.
Check the number of flashes on outdoor PCB LED 301 to confirm exact problem
6Float switch activated.
Check pump operation and drain
7Drain pump forced operation.
Drain test switch in test position, faulty PCB
8Louvre not opening.
Louvre motor faulty, microswitch faulty, PCB faulty (RAF unit only)
9Faulty indoor unit thermistor.
Air inlet or coil thermistor not connected, open or short circuited faulty PCB
10Indoor fan motor over current or abnormal rotation speed.
Faulty motor or PCB
13Eprom data error.
Faulty PCB