Haier Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Haier air conditioners are rather popular now. It means that a lot of customers get them today. Anyway, when they buy the air conditioners, they tend not to think of possible faults in its work. If it happen to you, don’t worry too much and try to repair it yourself. You won’t be alone in this business, because our troubleshooting manual will guide you through. Get ready for some productive work!

Haier HDU-24CA03M Air Conditioner Fault Codes

ErrorFault DescriptionFault unit
E1Room temperature sensor faultIndoor unit
E2Heat-exchange sensor fault
E4Indoor EEPROM error
E9High work-intense protectionOutdoor unit
E7Communication faultIndoor unit
F12Outdoor EEPROM faultOutdoor unit
E14Indoor fan motor malfunctionIndoor unit
F1The protection error of IPMOutdoor unit
F2Overcurrent of the compressor
F3Communication fault between the IPM and outdoor PCB
F4Overheat protection error of exhaust temperature sensor
F6Ambient temperature sensor failure
F7Suction temperature sensor fault
F11deviate from the normal for the compressor
F19Power voltage too high or too low
F21Defrost temperature sensor fault
F22Overcurrent protection of AC electricity for the outdoor model
F23Overcurrent protection for single-phase of the compressor
F25Discharge temperature sensor fault
F28Loop of the station detect error
F66Ambient temperature sensor fault

Haier HDU-36CA03 Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Operate Malfunction codesHeat Malfunction codesCool Malfunction codesIndoor UnitOutdoor UnitAuto RecoverTwinkling times of outdoor LED 2Content
**Room-temperature sensor malfunction
**Heat-exchange thermister anomaly
**2Defrosting temperature sensor fault
**3Exhaust temperature sensor
**1Ambient temp sensor fault
*Indoor fan motor malfunction

Haier 12HVA103 Air Conditioner Fault Codes

E1:Indoor displayRoom temperature sensor failure
E2:Heat-exchange sensor failure
LED1 flash 10 times:Outdoor displayDefrost temperature sensor failure
LED1 flash 11 times:Suction temperature sensor failure
LED1 flash 12 times:Ambient temperature sensor failure
LED1 flash 13 times:

Haier HSU12VHGL-W Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Indoor displaying panel code indicationOutdoor (LED1 flash times)fault description
E715Communication fault between indoor and outdoor units
E1-Room temperature sensor failure
E2-Heat-exchange sensor failure
E4-Indoor EEPROM error
E14-Indoor fan motor malfunction
F121Outdoor EEPROM error
F12The protection of I PM
F223Overcurrent protection of AC electricity for the outdoor model
F34Communication fault between the IPM and outdoor PCB
F196Power voltage is too high or low
F277Compressor is lock-rotor or stopped momentary
F48Overheat protection for Discharge temperature
F89Outdoor DC fan motor fault
F2110Defrost temperature sensor failure
F711Suction temperature sensor failure
F612Ambient temperature sensor failure
F2513Discharge temperature sensor failure
F1316Short of refrigerant
F1118deviate from the normal for the compressor
F2819Loop of the station detect error
/21Over load protection of indoor system
F224Overcurrent of the compressor
F2325Overcurrent protection for single-phase of the compressor
E921High work-intense protection

Haier HDU-42CA03 Air Conditioner Fault Codes

E0Condensate drain violation
E1The compressor is pressurized
E2The internal module heat exchanger was covered with ice
E3Not enough pressure in the compressor
E4Overheating of the compressor
E5Compressor is disconnected due to increased load
E6No communication between units
E7The internal module does not respond to commands from the remote control
E8Overload of the internal module motor
F0The temperature sensor in the room has disconnected
F1The internal module heat exchanger heat exchanger is turned off
F2The heat exchanger of the external module
F3The outdoor thermal sensor
F4The air flow sensor is off
FFSupply failure

Haier HDU-24CA03 Air Conditioner Fault Codes

Fault CodeDescription/Reason  Solutions
E0Indicates incoming power issues, such as a low voltage condition or excessive power consumption.Unplug the unit for 10 minutes. Service may be required
E1Indicates a stuck button on the front panel key pad.Unplug unit and press each button firmly to reset the switches. Then, plug the unit back into the power supply. Service may be required
 E4 Unit has a tank built-in that must be emptied periodically. E4 indicates the tank float is stuck.Open the water tank and verify no debris is blocking the operation of the float.
STOPUnit has a tank built-in that must be emptied periodically. STOP indicates the tank must be emptied or tank float is stuck. Unit will not run while STOP appears.Empty the tank. Open the water reservoir and verify no debris is blocking the operation of the float.
High TempAppears when ambient room temperature is over 99 degrees F.If the ambient temperature is not above 99F, then service may be required.