Samsung Heat Pump Troubleshooting

In the tables below you can find the descriptions of problems which may happen to your Samsung heat pump. These issues often cause heat pump not working properly or stop working at all. Here you can find the solutions.

There are lists of error codes for several different models of Samsung. Each of them has special reasons of heat pump not cooling or heat pump fan not spinning. The problems are described in details with possible causes, meanings, solutions or necessary actions, depending on the situation.

If the actions which need to be done are too complicated for you to perform by yourself, ask the specialists for help.

Samsung AQV09NSDN Heat Pump Troubleshooting

The OPERATION indication LED(BLUE) blinks when a power plug of the indoor unit is plugged in for the first time.It indicates power is on. The LED stops blinking if the operation ON/OFF button on the remote control unit is pushed.
In a COOL operation mode, the compressor does not operate at a room temperature higher than the setting temperature that the INDOOR FAN should operate. In a HEAT operation mode, the compressor does not operate at a room temperature lower than the setting temperature that indoor fan should operate.In happens after a delay of 3 minutes when the compressor is reoperated. The same phenomenon occurs when a power is on. As a phenomenon that the compressor is reoperated after a delay of 3 minutes, the indoor fan is adjusted automatically with reference to a temperature of the air blew.
Fan speed setting is not allowed in DRY(&) mode.The speed of the indoor fan is set to LL in DRY mode. Fan speed is selected automatically in AUTO mode.
Compressor stops operation intermittently in DRY(C?) mode.Compressor operation is controlled automatically in DRY mode depending on the room temperature and humidity.
Timer LED(ORANGE) of the indoor unit lights up and the air conditioner does not operate.Timer is being activated and the unit is in ready mode.
The unit operates normally if the timer operation is cancelled.
The compressor stops intermittently in a COOL mode or DRY mode, and fan speed of the indoor unit decreases.The compressor stops intermittently or the fan speed of the indoor unit decreases to prevent inside/outside air frozen depending on the inside/outside air temperature.
Compressor of the outdoor unit is operating although it is turned off in a HEAT mode.When the unit is turned off while de-ice is activated, the compressor continues operation for up to 9 minutes(maximum) until the deice is completed.
The compressor and indoor fan stop intermittently in HEAT mode.The compressor and indoor fan stop intermittently if room temperature exceeds a setting temperature in order to protect the compressor from overheated air in a HEAT mode.
Indoor fan and outdoor fan stop operation intermittently in a HEAT mode.The compressor operates in a reverse cycle to remove exterior ice in a HEAT mode, and indoor fan and outdoor fan do not operate intermittently for within 20% of the total heater operation

Samsung DV80M5010IW Heat Pump Troubleshooting

Information codeMeaningAction
tcAir temperature sensor issueClean the lint filter and/or heat exchanger filter. If this continues, call for service.
tC5Compressor temperature sensor issueWait 2-3 minutes. Turn the power on and restart.
dCRunning the dryer with door openClose the door and restart.
If this continues, call for service.
HCCompressor overheatCall for service.
9C2Low voltage detectedCheck if the power cord is plugged in. If this continues, call for service.
5CWater tank full Drain pump is out of orderEmpty the water tank, turn the power on, and restart. If this continues, call for service.

Samsung AEN160YDEHA Heat Pump Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible causeSolution
Hot water is not coming out.No power supply to the water heaterCheck if there is any power on the power supply terminal on the thermostat.
The thermostat may be set too high and cause the fuse or safety cut-off to operate.Reduce thermostat setting by 5°C and press the reset button.
Heating is not workingHeating element or internal electrical wiring is out of order.Check if there is any power on the power supply on the connector of the heating element between black and yellow/green wires. If this is OK, press the reset button on the fuse/safety cut-off.
Water is not warm enoughThermostat is set too low.Adjust the thermostat up using a standard screwdriver.
Heating element or the internal electrical wiring is partially out of order.Check the resistance of the heating element on the connector of the heater bundle, and the condition of the internal wiring.
UX mixing valve(fitted on top) is incorrectly adjusted.Adjust the UX mixing valve correctly to the preferred temperature.
Safety valve(SV) is dripping.Water expands when heated. If there is no consumption of hot water over a period of time pressure builds up, causing the safety valve to open.If drip from the SV is severe, it might need to be replaced. Some dripping is normal. Alternatively an expansion vessel can be fitted.
Leak warning outlet is dripping.The heating element may not be properly tightened.Check the heating element o-ring seal and all connections.
Other problems, or if none of the above solves the problem.There may be a leak.Contact the installer/supplier regarding any other failure.

Samsung AVXDSH071EE Heat Pump Troubleshooting

The air conditioner does not operate immediately after it has been restarted.• Because of the protective mechanism, the appliance does not start operating immediately to keep the unit from overloading.
The air conditioner will start in 3 minutes.
The air conditioner does not work at all.• Check that the power plug is property connected. Insert the power plug into the wall socket correctly.
• Check if the circuit breaker is switched off.
• Check if there is a power failure.
• Check your fuse. Make sure it is not blown out.
The temperature does not change.• Check if you selected Fan mode.
Press the Mode button on the remote control to select another mode.
The cool (warm) air does not come out of the air conditioner.• Check if the set temperature is higher (lower) than the current temperature. Press the Temperature button on the remote control to change the set temperature. Press the Temperature button to decrease or increase the temperature.
• Check if the air filter is blocked by dirt. Clean the air filter every two weeks.
• Check if the air conditioner has just been turned on. If so, wait 3 minutes. Cool air does not come out to protect the compressor of the outdoor unit.
• Check if the air conditioner is installed in a place with a direct exposure to sunlight. Hang curtains on windows to boost cooling efficiency.
• Check if the cover or any obstacle is not near the outdoor unit.
• Check if the refrigerant pipe is too long.
• Check if the air conditioner is only available in Cool mode.
• Check if the remote control is only available for cooling model.
The fan speed does not change.• Check if you selected Auto or Dry mode.
The air conditioner automatically adjusts the fan speed to Auto in Auto/Dry mode.
Timer function does not set.• Check if you press the Power button on the remote control after you have set the time.
Odors permeate in the room during operation.• Check if the appliance is running in a smoky area or if there is a smell entering from outside. Operate the air conditioner in Fan mode or open the windows to air out the room.
The air conditioner makes a bubbling sound.• A bubbling sound may be heard when the refrigerant is circulating through the compressor. Let the air conditioner operate in a selected mode.
• When you press the Power button on the remote control, noise may be heard from the drain pump inside the air conditioner.
Water is dripping from the airflow blades.• Check if the air conditioner has been cooling for an extended period of time with the air flow blades pointed downwards. Condensation may generate due to the difference in temperature.
Remote control is not working.• Check if your batteries are depleted.
• Make sure batteries are correctly installed.
• Make sure nothing is blocking your remote control sensor.
• Check that there are strong lighting apparatus near the air conditioner. Strong light which comes from fluorescent bulbs or neon signs may interrupt the electric waves.
The air conditioner does not turn on or off with the wired remote control.• Check if you set the wired remote control for group control.
The wired remote control does not operate.• Check if TEST indicator is displayed on the wired remote control. If so, turn off the unit and switch off the circuit breaker. Call your nearest contact center.

Samsung RC090MHXEA Heat Pump Troubleshooting

DisplayexplanationError Source
162EEPROM Error
201CONTROL KIT/OUTDOOR UNIT communication error (Matching error)
202CONTROL KIT/OUTDOOR UNIT communication error (3 min)
203Communication error between INVERTER and MAIN MICOM (6 min)OUTDOOR UNIT
221OUTDOOR UNIT temperature sensor error
231Condenser temperature sensor error
251Discharge temperature sensor error
320OLP sensor error
403Detection of OUTDOOR UNIT compressor freezing (During cooling operation)
404Protection of OUTDOOR UNIT when it is overload (during Safety Start, Normal operation state)
416Discharge of a compressor is overheated
419OUTDOOR UNIT EEVoperation error
425Power source line missing error (only for 3-phase model)
440Heating operation blocked (outdoor temperature over 35°C)
441Cooling operation blocked (outdoor temperature under 9°C)
458OUTDOOR error
461(Inverter] Compressor startup error
462(Inverter] Total current error/PFC over current error
463OLP is overheated
464(Inverter] IPM over current error
465Compressor V limit error
466DC LINK over/low voltage error
467(Inverter] Compressor rotation error
468(Inverter] Current sensor error
469(Inverter] DC UNK voltage sensor error
470EEPROM read/write error
471(Inverter] OTP error
474IPM(IGBT Module) or PFCM temperature sensor Error
475OUTDOOR UNrTfan2 error
484PFC Overload Error
485Input current sensor error
500IPM is overheated
554Gas leak error
601Communication error between the CONTROL KIT and wired remote controllerWired Remote Controller
602Wired remote controller Master/Slave setting error
604Communication tracking error between the CONTROL KIT and wired remote controllerCONTROL KIT, Wired Remote Controller
607Communication error between the Master and Salve wired remote controllersWired Remote Controller
901Water inlet (PHE) temperature sensor error(open/short)OUTDOOR UNIT
902Water outlet (PHE) temperature sensor error(open/short)
903Water outlet (backup heater) temperature sensor error.CONTROL KIT
904DHW tank temperature sensor error
906Refrigerant gas inlet (PHE) temperature sensor (open/short)OUTDOOR UNIT
911Row switch and water pump error (F/S signal is OFF for 10 sec. during the water pump signal is ON)CONTROL KIT
912Row switch and water pump error (Water pump signal is OFF for 60sec during the F/S signal is ON)

Samsung AS18A1QC Heat Pump Troubleshooting

UNIT WILL NOT RUNNo power to unitPush reset button on power cord.
Set Fan Control to position other than OFF. Make sure plug is firmly seated m outlet.
Check for blown fuses, tapped circuit breakers.
LITTLE OR NO HEATING (fan and compressor run)Fresh air/exhaust damper open Obstructed indoor or outdoor airflow Dirty air filtersSet vent to CLOSED.
Unit undersized for applicationRemove obstruction from indoor grille or outdoor louvers.
Dirty air filter. Clean or replace, as needed.
Check with dealer to determine proper capacity unit for application.
LITTLE OR NO HEATING (only fan runs)Temperature Control not set properlyFor cooling, turn Temperature Control to cooler setting. For heating, turn Temperature Control to warmer setting.
NOISY UNITLoose front on mounting assembly Weak building construction Water hitting fan bladeTighten any loose parts.
Unit oversized for application: compressor cycles on and off frequentlyProvide additional support for unit.
Normal in high humidity. Stop noise by removing drain plug or adding condensate drain cup.
Check with dealer to determine proper capacity unit for application.
MOUNTING SUPPORT NOT INSTALLEDStorm window frame installed in windowSome models require removal of storm window frame before installation.
FROST ON INDOOR COILDirty air filterClean air filter by vacuuming or washing with water and mild soap.
Normal for low outdoor temperaturesTurning Temperature Control to warmer setting reduces occurrence and duration of frost.
FROST ON OUTDOOR COIL (heat pump models only)Normal for outdoor temperatures at or below 45‘FCall for service only if unit does not heat room and you have checked all problems and remedies listed under LITTLE OR NO HEATING.
ODORS IN COOLINGMold, mildew, or algae formation on wet surfacesTo reduce algae growth, use algaecide tablet in base pan; remove dram plug; add condensate dram cup and hose. Thoroughly clean unit.
ODORS IN HEATINGNormal for first time electric heater is used each seasonCaused by dust accumulation during unused months. Odor dissipates quickly with heater use.

Samsung RC090MHXEA Heat Pump Troubleshooting

No water flow from hot taps.1. Mains supply off.1. Check and open stopcock.
2. Strainer blocked.2. Turn off water supply. Remove strainer and clean.
3. Cold water inlet Pressure Reducing Valve incorrectly fitted.3. Check and refit as required (see item 3 page 5 of installation manual).
Water from hot taps is cold.1. Immersion heaters not switched on.1. Check and switch on..
2. Immersion heater thermal cut-out has operated.2. Check and reset button.
3. Programmer set to central heating or not switched on.3. Check and set to hot water.
4. Boiler not working4. Check boiler operation. If fault suspected, consult installer or boiler manufacturer.
5. Cylinder thermal cut-out has operated. (Indirect units only).5. As at No.2
6. Motorised valve not operating correctly.6. Check wiring and/or plumbing connections to motorized valve.
Intermittent water discharge1. Reduced internal expansion.1. Repressurize expansion vessel.
2. Thermal control failure. (Note Water will be hot).2. Switch off power to immersion heater(s) and boiler supply to the unit. When discharge has stopped, check thermal controls, replace it faulty. Contact a competent person.
Continuous water discharge1. Cold water inlet Pressure Reducing Valve not working1. Check pressure from valve if greater than 2.1 bar replace.
2. Temperature and pressure relief valve faulty.2. As No2 of above.
3. Expansion relief valve not working correctly.3. Check and replace if faulty.
Room thermostat does not switch on or not work properlyWireless room thermostat batteries not WorkingReplace new batteries for wireless room thermostat

Samsung AEN160YDEHA Heat Pump Troubleshooting

653Wired remote controller thermistor SHORT or OPEN
654FRAM Read/Write Error(Wired remote controller data error)
901Water Inlet thermistor SHORT or OPEN
902PHE Outlet thermistor SHORT or OPEN
903Water Outlet thermistor SHORT or OPEN
904Water TANK thermistor SHORT or OPEN